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Earth's First Giant
The two-meter skull of a humongous new ichthyosaur species, Earth’s first known giant creature, reveals how both the extinct marine reptiles and modern whales became giants.
The Science of Rare Jewels
Explore every facet of gems and jewelry at Brilliance: The Art and Science of Rare Jewels
The Splendor of Sapphires
Earth’s history through the lens of a precious gem
Talking Tar Pits Turkeys
Dig into some ancient turkey with our Tar Pits team member, Preparator Laura Tewksbury.
Tooth Fast, Tooth Curious?
A new study uncovers a novel approach to a plant-based diet, unique to long-necked dinosaurs
We're Inspired by Jane
Our Museum community reflects on the life's work of Dr. Jane Goodall
A Message From Dr. Jane Goodall
“Every single one of us makes a difference every single day.”
These Hips Don’t Lie: 3D Imaging of a Pelvis Suggests Social Care for Saber-Tooths
A new study reveals saber-toothed cats suffered from hip dysplasia, an affliction common in pet cats and dogs, and points to supportive social structures for Smilodon.
Halloween Is Coming
The Museum's ghosts are ready