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Science and Sparkle Behind the Scenes

Watch experts talk about the dazzling array of magnificent gemstones featured in our new exhibition, 100 Carats: Icons of the Gem World.

A hand hold an aquamarine colored gemstone

In this behind-the-scenes video, you'll see NHM's Mineral Sciences Curator Aaron Celestian and Master Jewelry Designer Robert Procop present and discuss the spectacular gems featured in the new 100 Carats: Icons of the Gem World

The exhibition, now in NHM’s Hixon Gem Vault, displays some of the highest quality rare gems on Earth. Aside from their beauty and brilliance, these gems also tell the scientific story of the history of our planet. 

As former president of the Gemological Institute of America Bill Boyajian notes, "Who could assemble this many 100-carat and larger stones? And what a treat it’s going to be for the audience. Once in a lifetime."

This exhibition was organized by the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County in collaboration with Robert Procop Exceptional Jewels.

View the exhibition in person in the Gem and Mineral Hall through April 21, 2024.