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City Nature Challenge: L.A. vs. S.F.
Museums are asking residents of and visitors to the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles County to explore nature all around them and document the species they find.
Was Hancock Park Beachfront Property 120,000 Years Ago?
Pacific Gaper Clam: A large, common bivalve that inhabits sandy areas of bays along an open coast, often buried a foot or more.
Coyotes of L.A.’s Urban Core: Using Science to Separate Fact from Fiction
The Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area formally announced this week that they launched the first study on urban coyotes of Los Angeles.  
The Sound of Our Griffith Park Mountain Lion: P-22 and the Mysteries of Puma Communication
What comes to mind when you imagine the call of P-22, L.A.'s famous urban mountain lion?
The Scoop on Ferndell: Griffith Park's Enchanted "Nature Museum"
At the border of the Hollywood Hills and Los Feliz neighborhoods is an enchanting, tree-shaded half-mile trail of Griffith Park.
Lights, Camera, Action
When you work in the NHM History Collections, you can find some rather mysterious objects.
Woah, Check Out This Sponge
The glass rope sponge is a true marine oddity.
Behold! These Are Really Old!
By far the oldest items in our collections: our many meteorites