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Choco Talk-o with Sad Girl Creamery
SueEllen Mancini | Sad Girl Creamery
Celebrating Armenian Communities
Recognizing the heritage and history of the Armenian community in L.A., past and present.
Recent NAGPRA Regulations on the Display of Native American Objects
A Message from NHMLAC President and Director, Dr. Lori Bettison-Varga
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Painting L.A.'s First Skyscraper
One colorful scene in the soon-to-be-unveiled masterpiece mural by Artist Barbara Carrasco is this detail, which uplifts the story of L.A.’s first skyscraper—City Hall.
Meet Dr. Sophia Jones
Part of the thrill of taking care of history collections is that you’ll never know what wonders an unassuming box may contain.
Vive la Cinema!
Now on view, a new installation in Becoming Los Angeles spotlights the French innovations at the heart of film history
The Migration of the Lincoln Heights Whale
As modern whales make their annual journey across the ocean, discover one whale’s 10 million-year journey through time from Flat Top Hill to L.A. Underwater
Snail Love
Discover the secrets of snail love and show your love for the slimiest Angelenos—it's time for SnailBlitz 2024!
A Letter from America's Black Heritage
A letter from a 1960s-era NHM exhibition details an 1860s fight against racial injustice
Celebrating Black Communities
Recognizing the heritage and history of the Black community in L.A., past and present.