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Summer in September
Community Science Manager, Richard Smart looks at how squirrels escape the summer heat.
A Summer with Melissa and Maya
Two EXPO interns share their impressions of a summer job at NHM.
Land Snails: The Key to Beauty?
If you’ve seen a snail on the sidewalk after a rain, chances are it's the same species that is popular in the cosmetics field.
Slimy Friends Or ... ?
Can two animals who are not natural friends hang out together?
Getting to Know: Enjie (Jane) Li
Enjoy getting to know Jane, a Postdoctoral Fellow who holds a joint appointment between NHM and The Nature Conservancy.
There Is a Bird
A poem dedicated to the children of the world who will be participating in this year's Great Backyard Bird Count.
Rare Nine-Spotted Ladybug Found in L.A.!
"Did I just discover a ‘lost ladybug’ here in the Nature Gardens?”
Abandoned Baby Animals: What Should You Do?
What to do if you see a wild animal that you think needs help.
Teen Empowerment Through Community Science
Rachel's story is one of the best examples of how community science can inspire curiosity in young people for the natural world.