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Nature Haikus

Turn your love of nature into a traditional Japanese haiku.

pond and waterfall in nature gardens

National Haiku Day is on Friday, April 17.

In celebration of all the plants and animals that call Los Angeles home, our Performing Arts Team invites you to write your own nature-inspired haiku. 

A haiku is a short poem, where the first line has five syllables, the second has seven, and third and final line has five. 

Ilana Gustafon guides you through the process of observing naturing in your own backyard and turning your observations into a short poem. 

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Haiku Highlights


Singing birds fly by

Bringing peace to the garden

And the flowers bloom.

- Finn McConaghy (aged 14) and Dane McConaghy (aged 8), Members


Zip, zoom, hummingbird!

Just be yourself always!

Pollinating plants!

Nature Noise

Mountain lion, roar!

While the coyote howls

And we just listen


Light and majestic

A peacock's feathers float

So high in the sky

Hummingbirds, Nature Noise, and Peacock - Ever Agbowu (age 8), Member