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Kneaded: L.A. Bread Stories

Various bakers

Kneaded: L.A. Bread Stories, celebrates L.A. history, heritage, and communities through the lens of bread.

Kneaded: L.A. Bread Stories will highlight L.A.’s history of bread making and celebrate some of the innovative, trailblazing, and resilient bread makers who call L.A. home and elevate bread into cultural objects.  

Every bread and bread maker has a multilayered story to tell that is intertwined with culture, history, and community. The delicious complexity of bread made by people in L.A. comes from the fact that this city’s greatest asset is its diversity. Discovering the cultural flavors of bread in L.A. is to venture out into neighborhoods throughout L.A. County and explore the mini-malls, pop-up restaurants, food trucks, and corner bakeries. Bread makers in L.A. lovingly create bread for their communities, but more importantly, many of them recognize that the bread goes beyond nutrition—it builds community. Its universal presence around the world and consumption by people of all varying backgrounds, economic statuses, ethnicities, ages, and religions, creates a universal language—and in the most trying of times, bread brings people together.  

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Explore the appetizing nooks and cultural crannies of L.A. bread!


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