10 Things to know before visiting the William S. Hart Museum


1. We call him Bill for short.

2. Bill was a very famous cowboy movie star, but no one ever talked in his movies (Silent films).

3. When Bill was born, Abraham Lincoln was president (way back in 1864).

4. One of Bill’s best friends was his co-star Fritz the horse, they even wrote a book together.

5. The mansion was built up here in Santa Clarita back in 1927. It has 22 rooms.

6. Bill loved animals and did a lot to protect them. You can still see a herd of 13 bison roaming the land here.

7. Native American culture was very important to Bill. He could speak some Sioux words and use Indian Sign Language.

8. Before making movies Bill was a stage actor and did Shakespeare plays.

9. Bill moved here with his sister Mary Ellen and a whole bunch of animals.

10. Bill did a lot for his fans and the Santa Clarita area; including leaving all his land and house to the Los Angeles County so everyone could enjoy it for free.